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What is WHMCS product group?

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Products are organised into groups. Each group can contain an unlimited number of both products and product bundles.

A common use for product groups is grouping similar or related products together. This can allow them to be displayed side by side for comparison depending upon the order form template you select.

For each product group you can define the following:

  • Name – The name displayed for the group to both admin users and customers (Required)
  • Headline – A headline used by newer order form templates (Optional)
  • Tagline – A tagline used by newer order form templates (Optional)
  • Features – A list of features which apply to all products within the product group. Used by some newer order form templates.
  • Available Payment Gateways – Allows you to customise which of your active payment gateways are permitted for use with orders and invoices containing products from this group.
  • Order Form Template – Allows you to define which order form template should be used for the product group and product configuration steps of the order process for products contained within this group.
  • Hidden – Hides the product group from display in the client side Shopping Cart product group list (Please Note: can still be accessed directly using the Group ID)
  • Direct Cart Link – A direct link to the shopping cart that will pre-select the current product group.

More Information:

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