The SuperCart is a complete WHMCS based order form template. It can be used as an One Single Page (full ajax) or Multi Page/Step (semi ajax) based order form template. It is very secure, easy to use and can be setup easily within 10 minutes. If you already have WHMCS installed and products, then you just have to upload and activate this order form template and it will be able to use your previous data from WHMCS database without any problem. After activation, you will have to update only the addons (if have any) description to just add a html closing div div tag tag. You will also be able to add image with all of your addons. This order form template is the most complete, most advanced and most powerful WHMCS order form template available on the market.


SuperCart Sneak Peak


WHMCS version should be at least (v7.4) or later to work properly with SuperCart. Maybe, from version (v7.0) or later, SuperCart should work. Remember, we could not assure/guarantee you properly about that, it will work properly from the previous version of (v7.4), therefore we will not be responsible for any issues, regarding previous then (v7.4) WHMCS version. Therefore, we will not provide you any support regarding your issues about using previous version (ex: v7.0, v7.1, v7.2, v7.3) of WHMCS. If you are using SuperCart for previous version of WHMCS (v7.4 or previous. Doesn’t work with previous than v7.0), then use at your own risk.


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